Xiaomi Kingsmith Walking Pad Treadmill

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  • Folding design, noise reduction and foot feeling speed control.
  • Automatic speed control patent technology.
  • Hidden LED display.
  • Aluminum alloy skeleton structure. Durable and durable.
  • Foldable design patent, the area after folding is less than half a square meter.
  • Intimate moving wheel, easy to move and save effort.
  • Comfortable walking platform.
  • Linked to the Xiaomi KS+APP, the sports data can be optimized. Through the data management of Xiaomi KS+APP, you can record your every exercise data.
  • Sport Pattern: Walking Mode, Running Mode.
  • Minimum speed: 0.8km/h
  • Maximum speed: 12.0km/h
  • Maximum bearing weight: 120kg
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