Xiaomi 70mai TPMS Tire-Pressure Monitoring System

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  • With great accuracy within 0.1 bar for individual tires, you could easily figure out the abnormal and solve it ASAP. Rather than being caught in the anxiety with the yellow low-pressure symbol, it can't tell you what's the problem exactly is.
  • Grab your tire data at a glance at 70mai app. Both pressure and temperature alert values can be adjusted. Set preferences for your car here.
  • The LCD display supports both USB cable & solar charging, which help you free the car cigarette lighter socket. You could check your tires' status via the big and readable LCD display while driving.
  • It takes only 5 minutes to finish the installation of all four wheels. We'd like to spare you an insane amount of time setting up the unit and getting started with using it. It is also super convenient for a rented car before a trip. And a cost-efficient choice to replace or maintain when changing the tire.
  • Firm Sensor with a waterproof and anti-corrosion design is perfect for harsh weather conditions. The battery life of sensors can last up to 2 years. It could be replaced by yourself when the battery is exhausted.
  • IP67: resist dust-tight and powerful water jets
  • Copper valve core could handle high temperature
  • Great for four-wheeled vehicles with a maximum of 8 BAR pressure. 70mai tire pressure monitor can receive long-distance (up to 10 meters) signals from the sensor.

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