Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S

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Creativity lies in the details, and the wonderful details are found in the  Mi Smart Space Heater S version of Xiaomi..!!

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  • The Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S is a mobile electric heater that can heat up your home efficiently. 
  • Thanks to its hefty power of 2200 watts, the heater can effortlessly heat rooms of different sizes. For example, the device is excellent for rooms up to a whopping 46 m². This makes the Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S suitable for both the bedroom, living room, kitchen or the attic. 
  • Thanks to the IPX4-certified waterproofness, the device is also suitable for the bathroom.
  • The Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S features an accurate digital thermostat which allows you to adjust the temperature exactly to your needs.
  •  The heater has 6 different settings for a temperature of 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 and 28 ° C. The heater then retains the set temperature accurately.
  • Lacking fans, the stove is extremely quiet and distributes heat evenly, without dispersing small particles that could aggravate allergies. This also keeps the humidity at an average level, so there is no dry air. 
  • The design of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S is simple and stylish. Because the corners and edges are rounded, injuries from bumps are prevented. In addition, the device remains sturdy thanks to the non-slip feet.
  • Thanks to its weight of only 5.7 kg, the heater is easy to move and carry around.
  •  The Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S can be controlled anytime, anywhere thanks to the Mi Home app compatibility. This allows you to make sure your home is warmed up as soon as you get home. Or you can let the mobile heater run only at preset times. 
  • In addition, the heater is also voice-controlled with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa or the old-fashioned way with the buttons on the Space Heater S itself.
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