YESIDO TWS02 wireless earphones

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  • Yesido wireless headphones are a product with a very light weight and a unique design that has found many fans because it is compatible with various types of Android and IOS phones and has a range of 10 meters, as well as the ability to play music and make calls with noise cancellation.
  •  The environment has met the needs of many people. 
  • Another advantage of Yesido is full charging in 1 hour as well as the use of a charging case. 
  • The interesting thing about these cases is that they act like a power bank. You can easily keep it charged.
  •  Whenever and wherever you are, charge the headphones by placing them in the charging case. Communication is established easily by removing the phones from the charging case, and by using the touch touch on the phones, you can connect or disconnect the call and music. Or music can be changed. 
  • In order to optimally use the charging of the phones, the intelligent battery management will turn off the phones after three minutes if they are not used.
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