Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite

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  • With the Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite, you heat any room you want very economically and affordably, without being stuck with expensive gas prices. Instead, you go targeted with this smart and mobile heater that simply runs on electricity. This Heater is tremendously quiet (only 41 decibels) and can rotate up to 70 degrees so you can heat the entire room. The Tower Heater Lite easily integrates into your Smart Home and pairs with other Smart Home products!
  • Four convenient heating modes
A big advantage of the Smart Tower Heater Lite is that it works incredibly fast. For example, the 2000 watt powerful Heater actually starts heating after only 3 seconds. Choose from one of the four heating modes and ensure a pleasant temperature that suits your preferences. For example, there is the Natural Mode, which creates optimal ventilation in your home, and you can choose the Constant Temperature Mode, which always keeps the temperature pleasant even in larger rooms. This mode is tremendously energy-saving, while you don't have to worry about getting cold in your home. There are also Warm Mode and Hot Mode. While these modes use a bit more power, they ensure a pleasant climate in your home or office even on the really wintry days.
  • The NTC temperature sensor and built-in thermostat keep the temperature even in the home. The Heater Lite automatically reduces power consumption as you approach the target temperature to avoid consuming unnecessary energy. You can also run the Heater at preset times, or just set a timer so it turns off after a period of time. The Smart Tower Heater Lite keeps you warm and saves energy at the same time!

  • Safe, compact and user-friendly
During the development of the Smart Tower Heater, much consideration was given to user-friendliness and safety. The element is very compact (50 cm high) and lightweight (2.2 kg). It is also equipped with a child lock, protection against overheating and an overturn protection. Furthermore, the device makes little noise (41 decibels), so you can always work, read or watch television undisturbed. Thanks to its design in stylish white, this ingenious mobile heater fits into any interior.
  • Use the handy buttons on the top to heat the room to the desired level. Naturally, this smart heater from the Xiaomi collection can also be controlled by your voice via Alexa or Google Home. With the handy Xiaomi Home app, you can start up the Heater Lite even before you get home, so you can step inside a perfectly heated home!

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