Apple Watch Series 9 45MM

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  • New processor: The last several Apple Watches have had the same processor performance, but that changed this year with the introduction of the S9 chip, which promises 30 percent more speed and all-day battery life
  • Double tap: The watch has a neat new gesture called Double Tap . Without even touching your watch, you tap your index finger and thumb twice to control the primary button in the app. So you can snooze alarms, answer calls, and do more.
  • A faster and more secure Siri: Siri requests are now processed on the device, not on the cloud, so you'll get more immediate responses and maintain your privacy. This is particularly handy as you can now request health data from Siri, such as how long you slept the night before.
  • Finding your iPhone got easier: You can ping your iPhone using the watch, showing you which direction to go and offering haptic feedback when you get close.
  • Namedrop: You can use Apple's Namedrop feature to share contact info with another Apple Watch.
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