Choetech PD 40W Dual USB-C Car Charger

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  • It is the perfect car charger for anyone who expects the best results in the shortest possible time. When it comes to energy renewal, such effects can only be guaranteed by an accessory that supports fast charging technology, such as Quick Charge. Choetech seems to be aware of this because it has equipped its new product with two USB Type C ports with support for QC 3.0 and Power Delivery. And so, by connecting your phone to it, we will charge it nearly 2.5 times faster than with standard chargers.
  • But speed is not everything, safety also matters. Thanks to the built-in intelligent management system, the accessory will not only adjust the appropriate voltage to the specific equipment, but also to its level of charge (thus limiting the power consumption). In addition, it protects the equipment against overheating, overcharging or short circuits. The charger is small and light, but at the same time has a very compact structure.
  • Features of Choetech PD 40W Dual USB-C Car Charger:
  • EXPRESS LOADING: The device is compatible with fast charging technologies. Supports Quick Charge 3.0, Power Delivery, Samsung AFC, Apple Fast Charging, Huawei FCP.
  • 2 USB TYPE C CONNECTORS: The charger is equipped with 2 USB Type C ports, super-fast connectors, thanks to which you can quickly renew the energy of your mobile devices. No more 'recharging' your hardware. Now, even a short ride will give them a solid energy kick.
  • ALWAYS CHARGING AT THE OPTIMAL SPEED: The intelligent management system adjusts the appropriate voltage to the specific equipment and ... the level of its charge. When the smartphone is closer to a complete power recovery (above 80%), the charging speed slows down, protecting the device from overcharging and helping to save energy.
  • PRACTICAL LED: The LED on the top of the charger signals the accessory's activity with a soft light. It also makes it easier to find equipment at night.
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