Wiwu ARC T18 Clear Sound Open Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

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  • Open Design Headphones: With a new generation of true open wireless earbud design, the earphones can fit your ears gently without entering your ear canal, which will reduce pressure and hearing loss after long-time wearing. Does not pinch the auricle, does not block the ear canal, does not hurt hearing.
  • Powerful Stereo Sound: Equipped with a 16.2mm diaphragm speaker driver, the bluetooth headset provides pure balanced audio and clear output for all music genres, with soft sound, immersing you in the wonderful music world.
  • Listen to the surrounding environment: Turn on the earphones and put them on your ears without ignoring the ambient sound, you can hear your music and the surrounding environment at the same time. Whether you''re cycling, walking, running, exercising or driving, stay aware of your surroundings, know you''re safe and stay alert to changes in your environment.
  • Comfortable and secure fit: Open-back earphones can avoid wearing discomfort caused by in-ear or semi-in-ear earphones. Flexible, secure-fit silicone earhooks and ergonomic design ensure the Bluetooth headset stays comfortable and secure during hiking, running, and other outdoor activities.
  • Charging anytime, anywhere and long-term standby: the earphones can play for 10 hours on a single charge, and can be extended to 30 hours with a portable charging case.
  • Automatic pairing and easy touch control: When the wireless earphones are taken out of the charging case, it will automatically power on and will automatically connect and pair. Support touch control, you can easily control to pause or play music, increase or decrease volume, etc.
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