Methods of Payment

Methods of Payment:

Here are the possible payment methods for your orders:

  • Credit / Debit Card online (the amount will be deducted from the card at the end of the payment process)
  • Cash / Payment on delivery (the amount will be charged when the product is delivered to you).
  • Pre-booking with a credit card, whereby you will be billed at the time you pre-book.
  • Using the website "" wallet (charged by the customer's credit card for use in purchasing products and using related services on the Action website only).
  • the website "" is offering all new subscribers a 5 JD gift in their gift box on E-wallet accounts on the website. This amount cannot be refunded or withdrawn, and is only used for the auctions on the website.
  • Action website "" contains offers such as cash back on purchase; these amounts will be deposited into the wallets of the users who received such offers. These amounts cannot be withdrawn or refunded from the wallet, and are used for the buying, bidding, etc.
  • Refunds due to cancellation are made by Action website for permissible reasons, shall be in the same manner as the original payment method in line with the following conditions:
  • If the purchase is paid for by credit / debit card, the money will be automatically returned to your bank, and this usually takes 10 to 40 days after Action website "" begins the refund process, depending on the flow of procedures at your bank.
  • Commissions for credit cards, electronic payment companies, and any commissions for banks are deducted according to the payment policies and terms of the electronic payment companies.
  • For any refunds allowed from Action website, the money will be refunded in the same method used for payment, and at the same value of the item that is purchased , deducting only the shipping fee from it.
  • Refunds are subject to the schedules set by the bank you are dealing with, and accordingly, Action website is not responsible for any delay once the order to return the amount to the bank is issued by Action website. Please contact your card issuer for more information.
  • In the event that the customer wishes to withdraw the amount deposited in the wallet on Action website "", they must inform the company by filling out the cash withdrawal form located in the wallet section, bearing in mind that the resulting commissions will be deducted from bank commissions, electronic payment gateways, Visa, MasterCard and other companies, after 30 working days, and in no case has the right to withdraw any amount added to the wallet from gifts or cash back offers on Action website "".
  • In the event that the customer wishes to withdraw the amount deposited in their wallet, this can be done after deducting 2.5% of the amount to be withdrawn, as bank commissions and electronic payment gates.
  • The minimum withdrawal balance is 10 dinars. Customers cannot complete the withdrawal process if the value to be withdrawn is below that amount.


Using Promo Codes

Unlike credit or debit cards, the promotional codes used are discounted at the time the purchase order is issued. The available balance of promotional codes for purchase from the Action website "" is used automatically to pay the total purchase amount. or part thereof. Promotional codes must be used before the predefined expiration date, and for one transaction only. Promotional codes may not be replaced in the event that they are lost, stolen, deleted, or the purchase process is cancelled or the purchase returned. If the price is lower than the value of the promotional codes, the excess value of the promotional codes will not be refunded. Special promotional codes may not be used in Action website "" except through the website.




Verify that your purchase order is correct:

We reserve the right to refuse any purchase order submitted by the customer to us, and after submitting the request and reaching our electronic shopping cart, we will verify the information you provide to us, to validate its authenticity, by verifying the payment method or shipping address. We also reserve the right to refuse any request submitted by the customer to us, and we have the right to control the quantities of the purchase order, and/or limit them. without providing any justification. If we reject the request, we will attempt to notify you using the email address or phone number you provided to us in the contents of the order . Normally, nothing will be charged to your credit / debit card if we reject the order, but we will refund any amount if it has been deducted from your card.


Acceptance / Confirmation:

Receiving an electronic confirmation, or a confirmation in any other form, for an order, does not imply that it is a final acceptance from us, or even a final confirmation of our offer to sell. Action website "" reserves the right, at any time, and after receiving the request, to either complete its acceptance or refuse it for any reason.


Order limits / quantities:

Action website ""  may, at its absolute discretion, limit, cancel or reduce the quantities purchased for each person, per family, or per order. These restrictions may be made on requests issued from the same account on the Action website and / or requests using a credit card with the same data and / or requests that use the same billing or shipping address, and / or all of the above. In the event that we make a change to an order, we will attempt to notify you by email, phone, or to the billing address listed at the time the application is submitted, or all of them together. We also reserve all rights to limit or prohibit any requests to any extent if we have any doubt that you are a distributor or dealer, or for any doubtful purposes that are detrimental to us.


This Privacy Policy may change from time to time according to developments and urgent updates. It is your responsibility to be up-to-date with the most recent version of the terms and conditions.