Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+

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  • The stronger suction power of the fan allows you to clean your home more efficiently. With 4000 Pa fan blower suction power, your daily cleaning needs can be met easily.
  • Four suction power settings allow you to remove dust, hair and large particles in one go.
  • The 5200mAh battery capacity lasts for 2 hours in standard mode, providing you with greater peace of mind.
  • The robot is capable of cleaning over 200 square meters of areas with a single pass in standard mode, which is more than enough to handle large rooms.
  • The double mop pads rotate at high speeds to simulate the mopping effect of hand pressure, which greatly improves the cleaning power and effectively removes wet, dry, etc. stains.
  • Mop pads made of woven fabrics (80% polyester + 20% modified polypropylene fiber) retain moisture evenly.
  • Powerful cleaning performance effectively removes floor stains when mopping and can effectively protect floor surfaces throughout the home.
  • The 200ml intelligent electronically controlled water tank releases water evenly without leakage.
  • Continuous moisture mopping for up to 80 minutes, enough to meet the floor cleaning needs of 150 square meters in one pass.
  • Determine obstacles at the millimeter level. The margin of error is no more than 5 mm between the detected distance and the actual distance.
  • The robot precisely avoids obstacles and protects painted furniture surfaces, significantly reducing the risk of tripping and ensuring fewer collisions even in low-light environments.
  • When the robot is working in mopping mode, the robot will automatically avoid carpets so that the mop pads do not soak them.
  • With the help of dual-line lasers and LDS LIDAR, the robot can perform a 360-degree scan of rooms and quickly create a map, regardless of the room's lighting conditions, and then precisely plan the cleaning path without any omission or error.
  • Once the map is created, a more rational cleaning plan can be developed according to the room layout, with cleaning time, settings, area and frequency customized to your liking.
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