Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

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  • The dual-channel dust collection base design with powerful suction empties the trash instantly.
  • The built-in dust bag can collect and empty dust more than 60 times, and automatically shuts off when picked up, so neither you nor your surroundings are exposed to dust.
  • The new generation LDS laser navigation technology accurately scans your home environment and between intervals to effectively map your home and is not affected by darkness, it can still navigate accurately in the dark and slow down when it encounters obstacles.
  • Equipped with a suction power of 4000 pa, the powerful and continuous super suction cleans floors from dust and pet hair excellently.
  • Equipped with a 200ml electronically controlled water tank that allows for 80 minutes mopping, the water tank distributes water evenly without leakage and supports three levels of water flow control to thoroughly clean floors throughout the house.
  • The built-in large 5200mAh battery can clean for over 180 minutes in standard mode, so even large homes are no problem.
  • Once the map is created, a sensitive cleaning plan can be created based on the floor plan, with the ability to adjust cleaning time, settings, area and frequency.
  • During the cleaning process, it automatically predicts falls, making cleaning tasks more efficient, safe and worry-free.
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