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  • Apple's glasses focus heavily on augmented reality, integrating digital content into the real world. According to their claims, the Apple Vision Pro "constantly blends the digital with your physical space."

  • Immersive Entertainment
  • Apple describes this feature as having "your own personal cinema." Wherever you are, you can have an adjustable virtual screen to enjoy different content.

  • 3D Photos and Videos 
  • Apple Vision Pro can record videos and take spatial photos thanks to its 12 cameras and 6 microphones. This allows capturing memories and reliving them later in three dimensions.

  • Virtual Avatars 
  • With the help of a camera, Apple Vision Pro can create a virtual avatar for making calls or other applications. The avatar can detect the user's facial and eye movements to replicate them and provide greater realism.

  • 3D Meetings with Apple Vision Pro
  • Facetime meetings will also have their own augmented reality version, where avatars can be used. The user can have a meeting, viewing the call participants in separate windows in front of them.

  • EyeSight' to Display the User's Eyes
  • When the user puts on the glasses, an external display can show their eyes to the outside world. This facilitates communication between users of Apple Vision Pro.

  • Design
  • The front of the Apple Vision Pro is made of glass, with an aluminum body connecting it to the 'Light Seal.' This is the part that fits the user's face, blocking out external light. The strap is made of elastic fabric, and the glasses can be adjusted by rotating a small wheel.

  • Dual-Chip Processor
  • The Apple Vision Pro features two processors to allow for complex 3D experiences. The Apple M2 (the most powerful chip currently used in VR glasses) provides advanced graphics, runs the VisionOS system, and visual algorithms.

  • On the other hand, the new Apple R1 chip is designed to process information from cameras, sensors, and microphones. It can transmit captured images in 12 milliseconds.

  • More than 4K Displays per Eye
  • The micro-OLED displays of the Apple Vision Pro have 23 million pixels. This provides a resolution superior to 4K for each eye, surpassing that of other headsets.

  • Precise Eye Tracking to Eliminate the Need for Controllers
  • The tracking system of the Apple Vision Pro consists of LEDs and infrared cameras that project invisible light patterns onto the eyes. This provides precise information about eye movement, eliminating the need for a controller. The user can select elements simply by looking at them and making a gesture with their hand.

  • Hand tracking combines with eye tracking to anticipate the user's movements. This allows for more accurate detection of their intentions.
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