Ulanzi MT-52 Flexible Tripod 2915

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  • Pentapod tripod really tough two more extension arms than regular octopus tripod. Ball joint, can be bent at will Tripod with Dual Arms, cute appearance, but solidly .The grippy octopus legs design is also secure and stable when wrapped around objects like railings or trees and won’t slip off or slide down.

  • Balance between versatility and stability What sets a flexible tripod apart from a standard tripod is its ability to wrap around objects like a pole or tree, helping you get unique shot angles. And it still support the weight of your phone, mirrorless camera, or DSLR without toppling over.

  • Portable and compact tripod net weight: 248g, and side arm net weight: 82g, that is definitely the most portable and compact tripod 360° adjustable Shooting angle Ball Head provides incredible portability 360° adjustment Rotating direction cold shoe mount, which support it can shoot in both landscape and portrait modes.

  • Meet various shooting scenarios no matter what scene you want to shoot in, everything is available. winding shooting ,handheld shooting, multi-camera shooting, desktop Live expanding arm independently expands, handheld follow shot.

  • Its flexibility allows it to be positioned or suspended from almost anywhere, which can make for visually interesting mobile photos.
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