Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 6.5L

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  • The upgraded circular air duct improves air circulation and airflow distribution, sending hot air directly to the frying basket, heating evenly with no need for flipping.

  • Built-in NTC smart temperature control technology precisely monitors the temperature during the cooking process to avoid charring and undercooking. With a minimum temperature of 40°C, it can maintain a constant temperature for defrosting, fermentation and fruit drying. With a maximum temperature of 220°C, it is proficient in roasting, frying and baking.

  • With a maximum temperature of 220°C, you can lock in juices and ensure a crispy outer layer while reducing cooking time by 33% compared to temperature of 180°C, improving efficiency, speed and flavour.

  • Its extra-large capacity makes it easy to roast a whole chicken. Whether it's a family gathering or a friend's party, you can handle it with ease.

  • The food grade non-stick coating is wear-resistant and easy to clean with one rinse, saving you time and easing your safety concerns.
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