Xiaomi IR Control Smart Speaker

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  • It is more than just a smart speaker with an LED display that supports adaptive brightness. You can also choose your favorite songs, singers, genres, and scenes when setting the alarm so that you can wake up to melodious music and start the day in a good mood.

  • The perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship gives birth to its elegant, compact body and calming color scheme. It is a smart speaker, and also a unique work of art.

  • Now you can use different voice commands to control the smart speaker. to play music, find out the weather, stay tuned to the latest news or turn up/down the volume, all you need to say is "Ok Google".

  • The built-in IR transmitter module combined with Google Assistant can achieve voice control of home appliances when you are in the room, infusing new life into conventional non-smart devices.

  • Enjoy a brand new intelligent life by controlling smart devices.

  • In your home through intelligent voice assistant.

  • This function can be achieved by binding the device to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home APP and then binding the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home APP to Google Home.

  • The increased capacity, the all-side speaker cone, and the innovative cavity design all contribute to the richness and details of the sound, creating a perfectly balanced sound field for great sound from all angles.

  • The device comes with Chromecast built-in™, so you can wirelessly cast audio with just one click. You can also enjoy playing music, podcasts or news via Bluetooth with a smooth transmission.
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