Xiaomi Electric Kettle 2

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  • 1.7L high capacity . 
  • Integrated vertical handle.
  • 100% BPA-free.
  • Dual-layer heat insulation.
  • 4 electricity safety solutions.
  • Capable of boiling 8 cups of water in one go, enough for the whole family's needs.
  • The vertical open handle shortens the distance between putting the kettle down and pressing the switch, optimising the movement and making operation more convenient, greatly enhancing the experience of use. The rounded handle provides a comfortable grip and makes pouring more effortless.
  • Xiaomi Electric Kettle 2 incorporates a 1800W heating base plate, for quicker boiling and shorter waiting time.
  • Thickened Aluminium heating plate, for more uniform. heat distribution, a full boil and safe drinking water.
  • 4 electric safety protection.
  • Water collection ring lid design.
  • Condensed droplets collected without splashing.
  • Two-stage damping lid design.
  • Wide opening angle for easy cleaning.

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