About Us

Dear visitors of our site, we would like to thank you for your precious trust in choosing ( Action Jo ) to be your permanent destination to view the most important and latest releases of mobile and tablets, the latest offers, competitions and site services.

Action Jo is one of the leading companies in the Jordanian local market since 2005. It is specialized in the sale and trade of mobile devices, related items and various electronic accessories of the most famous international brands. It provides maintenance services and smart solutions in the world of electronics. This site was launched in 2021 to provide more ways and means to cope with latest developments in the buying and selling operations with regard to everything new in the world of mobile and electronic accessories. New services have been created that allow subscribers to exchange information and opinions related to all the new technical releases in the mobile world, and also allow for buying and selling operations in innovative ways such as “public auctions” directly on the official website, and “Action Market” in which customers trade their used devices, whether for sale or purchase, and many other contests and services. Some of those services are:

  • - It helps the visitor to choose and buy the right phone or tablet in terms of price and technical specifications through the site in the safest and most recent way.
  • - The site allows you to purchase cellular devices, tablets, and accessories under installments arrangement in safe and simple ways.
  • - Purchasing accessories and annexes for mobile and tablet devices.
  • - The visitor can learn about the latest sales offers, best prices and technical updates of Action Mobile.
  • - The visitor can search within the site for the latest releases and the latest smart phones.
  • - The visitor can review all versions of the manufacturers and the technical specifications of each phone completely.
  • - We help the visitor to identify the most important advantages and disadvantages of each phone.
  • - It allows the visitor to purchase or order maintenance parts or send his devices for maintenance to the nearest Action Jo branch.
  • - The visitor can see all the pictures of the phones, designs , colors and thus to evaluate the phone and its appearance with high accuracy before buying.
  • - The visitor can participate in free competitions for all points and exchange them for free gifts from Action Jo.
  • - The visitor can ask questions or problems he faces related to smart phones and tablets.
  • - The visitor finds an answer to all his questions and problems, whether from the site administration or from other experienced visitors.

Action Jo ..Ease your life .