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Welcome to Action Jo’s website(trademark owner Action Jo(. Please read these terms and conditions related to the use of website (terms and conditions) carefully. Please do not continue using the website and / or the  services, if you do not agree to the terms and conditions. Your continued use of the website and / or services indicates your agreement to the terms and conditions.

 Action Jo reserves it’s right to make any changes/amendments to the Action Jo’s website, and these terms and conditions,  willingly, at any time. Each time you access the Action Mobile website, you must review the current conditions that apply to your transactions, and those relevant to the use of this website. If you no longer accept these terms, or any future modifications thereto, you must cease accessing the Action Jo website. Hence, it will be understood from the continued use of the Action Jo website that you automatically agree to these terms and conditions. If, for any reason, we have reason to believe that you do not comply with these terms and conditions, we may, at our absolute discretion, prevent you from accessing the Action Jo website immediately, and without the need for prior notice.

It is expressly forbidden to tamper with the Action Jo website, distort the user’s identity, use the data of purchasing agents, or perform fraudulent activities through the website in any way.

Disclaimers and limitations:

As a user, customer or member of the Action Jo website, you hereby declare that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you are of legal age to enter into a binding contract. You hereby assert that you are not a person prohibited from contracting, and that the owner of the account is authorized to use it. By accessing the Action Jo website, you expressly acknowledge that such use is at your personal risk, and that the Action Jo’s website, its subsidiaries, subsidiary companies, designers, officials, managers, employees, agents, or content providers from other parties, designers, contractors, distributors, merchants, sponsors, licensors, or the like, collectively or individually, including their partners (Action Jo partners, Action Jo website), cannot guarantee that the service is not interrupted on the Action Jo website, or that it is free from errors . Neither the Action Jo website nor its partners mentioned above, guarantee the accuracy, safety or entirety of the content provided on the Action Jo website, or the products or services offered for sale on the same website. No oral or written information provided by the Action Jo website or its partners constitutes a warranty of any kind. The Action Jo website, nor its partners, and under no circumstances, bear responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use, or inability to use,  including but not limited to, relying on any information obtained from the Action Jo website that leads to errors, omissions, interruption, deletion or damage to files or viruses, delay in operations or transfers, the cancellation of orders/requests, or delays in delivery times, or any performance failure by Action Jo or Action Jo website, or their partners. This limitation of liability applies to any procedure, whether it is in the contract or in any other claim, even if the authorized representative of the authorized Action Jo website is informed, or if he is aware of the possibility of such damages.

Through this document, you hereby acknowledge that this subheading applies to all content, goods and services available on the Action Jo website.

This website is intended for use by persons located in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and Action Jo does not provide any guarantee that the website is available for use outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In the event that you are outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, you use the website at your own risk.

The website includes public auction service:

 which involves Action Jo offering products on the website during a specific time period, and then selling it to the user/member who offers the highest amount during this period

The auction service from Action Jo is a leading service in the online sale and purchase of mobile phones in the local market, and this service has its own terms, policies and provisions that all subscribers must review and knowledge prior to use:

Action Jo fully disclaims any wrongdoing due to lack of access to these terms:

•  All participant information and details are registered prior to the bidding process.

Required information: Personal data such as name, email, mobile number, and electronic payment information such as payment cards or e-wallet, etc.

•  The subscriber is accountable for all the provided information.

•  Bid payments are deducted directly from your e-wallet account.

•  The value of the auction payments is determined by Action Jo.

•  In case you are not the winner, the deposited amount will be refunded within 48 hours after the end of the auction.

•  The deposited amount is refunded within 48 hours in your electronic wallet.

•  Action Jo provides all new subscribers with a cash gift deposited to their personal accounts on the website, valued of 5 Jordanian Dinars. This amount is not refundable nor can be deposited in your e-wallet in case you did not win the auction.

•  If you win the auction, kindly contact us to receive the device you are bidding on within a period not exceeding two weeks (14 days) so that the auction is not considered null and the device is offered in another auction.

•  If you win the auction, the amount you bid will be deducted from the original value of the device. (For instance, if you won the auction after your bid 10 Jordanian Dinars, and the actual value of the device is 100 Jordanian Dinars; in this case the 10 Jordanian Dinars will be deducted from the actual value of the device, so that the price for you will be 90 Jordanian Dinars).

(Action Market) service on the website:

It involves offering products related to mobile devices, whether new or used on the Action Jo website by (users / members) of the Action Jo website

  • Action Market users, whether for sellers or buyers, must preserve their privacy by reading the privacy terms and knowing their rights and the restrictions stipulated by the website.
  • Action Market is a platform for the purchase and sale of devices for visitors of the website. Action Mobile or the website’s management has no obligation towards any product traded through this market.
  • Action Jo Company disclaims all responsibility for any commercial transaction on the Action Marketplace platform and for all advertisements that do not carry the Action Jo trademark on the Action Market platform.
  • Action Jo and Action Market platform disclaims responsibility for the payment, meeting and communication between the platform users.

Some of the characteristics related to the purchase and sale process are explained herein:

- As a seller on Action Market, you are obligated to provide a clear explanation and full details of the product listed for sale taking into account complete credibility and transparency in the presentation method.

-As a buyer, you must carefully read the description of the product, compare prices for the same product, beware of illogical offers and agree with the seller to meet in a public place, also inspect the item well before completing the payment.

“You hereby are aware that Action Market is not responsible for the listing operations, advertisements, user-generated content, directory information, and information listed by companies or businesses among users, and while using the platform and service you may be exposed to offensive, inappropriate, inaccurate, misleading or unacceptable content. To the extent permitted by law, you are responsible and you must evaluate the use of any content and assume all risks associated with it. You are not entitled to rely on the aforementioned content, and you are not entitled in any way to be responsible for the content or for any loss and / or damage of any kind that occurs as a result of browsing, researching, using or reading any content listed or performed or provided by e-mail or otherwise through the use of the Service. Action Market is not obligated to pre-examine or approve any content, but Action Market has the right, at its absolute discretion and on its own, to refuse, delete or transfer any content available or that may be available through the service for reasons related to the violation of these terms. This may be done by informing Action Market of this violation or through any other reason or without providing any reasons at all.”

To Subscribe / Register on Action Jo’s website :

You become a member of the website, and in order to register and benefit from the Action Jo’s services and offers, you must, as part of the registration process,:

1. Indicate your agreement to these terms and conditions.

2. Provide your contact information and evidence thereof.

3. Provide any type of documentation as deemed appropriate by Action Jo.

4. You agree to accept all and any responsibility for all activities that occur under using account or your password.

5. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and your password, and responsible for placing restrictions on third parties' access to your account.

You may not use your Action Jo account for fraudulent, improper purposes, or for any other purposes competitive of Action Jo. You must notify Action Jo directly via e-mail ([email protected]) of any unauthorized use of your account on Action Jo or the Action Jo website. Action Jo reserves the right to refuse or cancel the registration of any person on this website, or to remove any person from the website, or to prevent any person from using the website, for any reason and may also limit and / or end anyone's ability to use the website for any reason, and / or limit and / or terminate your use of the website at any time without prior notice. Action Jo does not warrant or guarantee that your use of the content available on this website will not violate the rights of third parties not affiliated with Action Mobile. Terminating your use of the website is not a wavering from Action Jo of any right or any compensation due to Action Jo.

Users’ Policies and Subscribers' Obligations:
  1. The user acknowledges and undertakes to browse the website and / or the services as stipulated in the terms, conditions and the effective legislation.
  2. The services and products provided by Action Jo include, but are not limited to, information, correspondence, pictures, and sounds and these contents are provided on the website and / or as a result of accessing the website.
  3. The user acknowledges that he may not under any circumstances use the website and / or services in a manner contrary to the stipulations of the terms and conditions.
  4. The user acknowledges and undertakes to use the website and / or services, and / or products, for personal uses. Users also undertake not to use the website and / or services, and / or products for commercial purposes, unlawful competition, and / or for illegal purposes, and / or in a manner that violates public security and / or safety, or in violations of the applicable legislation, and / or to offend Action Jo, its partners, agents, distributors, service providers, content providers, and / or any of its subscribers or customers.


Privacy Statement (Data Protection):

Your privacy and the security of your personal information are very important to us. Action Jo and the Action Jo website are aware that you care about how to use and share your information, and we appreciate your confidence that we will be careful and rational in this regard, and within the framework of good practice and compliance with applicable laws. Accordingly, by visiting the Action Jo website, you agree to accept the practices stipulated in the privacy statement.

The information you provide to us: We receive and store any information you enter and register on the Action Mobile website, or which we obtain it in any other manner. You can always choose not to mention certain information, and this can result later in the inability to take advantage of many of the benefits that we provide, taking into account that we use the information you provide for legitimate purposes, such as responding to your requests, and for marketing purposes for you in the future, as well as improving the experiences of our stores, and in order to communicate with you.

Automatic information: We receive and save certain types of information when you visit our website, for example, like many websites and smart applications, we use (cookies, which are unique identifiers that we pass on to your device to enable our systems to recognize your device, and provide you with certain advantages) and we obtain certain types of information when your web browser accesses the Action Jo website.

Information about our customers is an important part of our business, and we do not sell it to others, yet we only share customer information as needed for the legitimate purposes of our business.

Third parties that are involved in the provision of the service: We always employ companies and other individuals to perform specific functions on our behalf, such as responding to requests, delivering parcels, sending mail, email and text messages, removing duplicate information from customer lists, analyzing data, providing marketing assistance services, and providing search results and links (including paid listings and links), processing credit card payments and providing customer service. Accordingly, they have access to your personal information which is necessary to perform their duties, and which is not for use it for any other purposes, and upon access to the Action Jo website you agree to this practice on our part.

Promotional offers: Sometimes we send offers to selected groups of customers.

We also disclose the account and any other personal information when we believe that this disclosure is appropriate in compliance with the law, or for the implementation of our terms and conditions, or other agreements, or to protect the rights, property or safety of the Action Jo website, or its users or others, and this includes the exchange of information with other companies and institutions, in order to prevent fraud, and reduce other credit risks.

We use a third-party payment system that complies with applicable international standards.

In order to protect your information from unauthorized access, such as accessing your password and your device, please make sure to log out when you have finished using any device that is not affiliated with you.

We may amend this privacy statement from time to time, so please visit the page regularly for the latest amendments.

Special terms and conditions:

Product display / colors: Action Jo website tries to display the product images displayed on the website as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the displayed color will match the actual product color as the display color depends in part on the monitor you are using.

Pricing and Choices: In general, the prices and choices displayed on the website are identical to the prices and choices found in our stores, but, natural, this does not prevent the occurrence of a difference. Keeping in mind that prices and offers are generally subject to change at any time, there are no changes in any order that has already been placed. Product prices do not include delivery costs, these (if any) will be added  to the customer's invoice depending on the current pricing structure (available on request). It is agreed that all prices on our website include all sales taxes stipulated in the constitution of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Errors on our website: errors in prices and other errors (such as errors in product specifications, availability, or any similar issue) are corrected as soon as they are discovered, and the Action Jo website at its discretion, reserves their right to cancel any purchase orders made in any way, whether complete or incomplete, whereby any fully paid amounts are refunded, even with final confirmation of implementation from us, and collection of fees from your credit card. If the purchase fees have already been collected from your credit card, and the order was canceled later for any of our reasons, Action Jo will return the balance to your credit card account, according to the amount paid and registered with us, applying the policies that your bank executes to inform you when this is amount is returned to your account.

Methods of Payment:

Here are the possible payment methods for your orders:

  1. Credit / Debit Card online (the amount will be deducted from the card at the end of the payment process)
  2. Cash / Payment on delivery (the amount will be charged when the product is delivered to you).
  3. Pre-booking with a credit card, whereby you will be billed at the time you pre-book.
  4. Using the Action Jo wallet (charged with money by Action Jo for use in purchasing products and using related services on the Action Jo website only).
  5. Refunds due to cancellation are made by Action Jo or the Action Jo website for permissible reasons, shall be in the same manner as the original payment method in line with the following conditions:

    • If the purchase is paid for by credit / debit card, the money will be automatically returned to your bank, and this usually takes 10 to 40 days after Action Jo begins the refund process, depending on the flow of procedures at your bank.
    • Commissions for credit cards, electronic payment companies, and any commissions for banks are deducted according to the payment policies and terms of the electronic payment companies.
    • For any refunds allowed from Action Jo from Action Jo, the money will be refunded in the same method used for payment, and at the same value of the item that is purchased , deducting only the shipping fee from it.
    • Refunds are subject to the schedules set by the bank you are dealing with, and accordingly, Action Jo is not responsible for any delay once the order to return the amount to the bank is issued by Action Jo. Please contact your card issuer for more information.

Using Promo Codes

Unlike credit or debit cards, the promotional codes used are discounted at the time the purchase order is issued. The available balance of promotional codes for purchase from the Action Jo website is used automatically to pay the total purchase amount. or part thereof. Promotional codes must be used before the predefined expiration date, and for one transaction only. Promotional codes may not be replaced in the event that they are lost, stolen, deleted, or the purchase process is cancelled or the purchase returned. If the price is lower than the value of the promotional codes, the excess value of the promotional codes will not be refunded. Special promotional codes may not be used in Action Jo except through the Action Jo website.


Verify that your purchase order is correct:

We reserve the right to refuse any purchase order submitted by the customer to us, and after submitting the request and reaching our electronic shopping cart, we will verify the information you provide to us, to validate its authenticity, by verifying the payment method or shipping address. We also reserve the right to refuse any request submitted by the customer to us, and we have the right to control the quantities of the purchase order, and/or limit them. without providing any justification. If we reject the request, we will attempt to notify you using the email address or phone number you provided to us in the contents of the order . Normally, nothing will be charged to your credit / debit card if we reject the order, but we will refund any amount if it has been deducted from your card.

Acceptance / Confirmation:

Receiving an electronic confirmation, or a confirmation in any other form, for an order, does not imply that it is a final acceptance from us, or even a final confirmation of our offer to sell. Action Jo website reserves the right, at any time, and after receiving the request, to either complete its acceptance or refuse it for any reason.

Order limits / quantities:

Action Jo may, at its absolute discretion, limit, cancel or reduce the quantities purchased for each person, per family, or per order. These restrictions may be made on requests issued from the same account on the Action Jo website and / or requests using a credit card with the same data and / or requests that use the same billing or shipping address, and / or all of the above. In the event that we make a change to an order, we will attempt to notify you by email, phone, or to the billing address listed at the time the application is submitted, or all of them together. We also reserve all rights to limit or prohibit any requests to any extent if we have any doubt that you are a distributor or dealer, or for any doubtful purposes that are detrimental to us.

Shipping and delivery:

Shipping and / or delivery is only available within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The goods and / or services are shipped and / or delivered by a third party, therefore the user acknowledges that the duration of the delivery and / or shipment is subject to the control of a third party, without any responsibility on Action Jo. Shipping, delivery fees and taxes are calculated according to effective laws and regulations. The method of delivery shall be in-line with the stipulations when you purchase the goods and / or services, and / or according to what Action Jo deems appropriate.

Replacement policy:
    • If the product has not been used, and is in the original condition it was before the purchase, the customer may return it within 48 hours from the date of purchase, and obtain a balance with Action Jo, provided that the customer submits the original invoice.
    • If the product was purchased as part of a package / offer, all items listed as part of this package / offer must be returned together in the same condition mentioned in the above point.

Your balance with Action Jo will be determined according to the method of purchase (i.e. if the purchases were made online, the balance will be available through the company's online store, and if the purchases were made in the store, the balance is granted through the retail store). However, the balance in question must be used in full and in one payment within 30 days of its issuance.

Refund (Return) Policy:

Online payments are performed through electronic platforms such as credit cards, e-wallets, and other platforms.

Therefore, the amount is deducted directly after your consent to complete the purchase process, and it is not possible to withdraw this amount after it has been approved in most online purchase and sale platforms.

And to guarantee all subscribers' rights, the product cannot be returned except in the following cases: :

- If the product does not match the description or the displayed image.

- If the product is damaged as a matter of course at the time of delivery.

No cash-back request will be accepted  for any reason other than for the aforementioned reasons.

Cancellation Policy

Action Jo gives customers the choice to cancel the order for the products they have purchased, and this document shall apply to any order that is still on hold or in transit., and has not been delivered to the customer and is being in use.

Warranty policy:

For all accessories, the relevant manufacturer's warranty applies, provided that Action Jo provides all possible assistance and support to the customer, though the original bill must be submitted to Action Mobile.

For mobile devices (including tablets, phones, etc.): the warranty applies by providing the product and the receipt voucher to Action Jo, inspecting it, and verifying it within a 7-day period. It has the right to repair or replace it, provided that it is within the warranty period granted from the date of the original invoice, which must be submitted.

All customers can take their devices to the nearest Action Jo service center, or the website from which the mobile device was purchased. Purchases made through the online store can also be sent to the nearest Action Jo retail store.

 Excluded from the warranty coverage is any damage or impairment resulting from any accident, transportation, misuse, neglect, natural disasters, moisture, rust, or gradual damage due to normal use, modifications, improvements, or repairs in centers non-accredited with Action Jo, or due to high voltage contrary to what is specified, or operation that is not consistent with the manufacturer's instruction manual.


Protecting price stability:

The policy for the protection and stability of prices applies to mobile phones purchased from Action Jo retail stores, or the Action Jo website, shall be applicable in the event that it changes within 48 hours from the date of receipt. Accordingly, please visit the same retail store from which the purchase was made, or call the relevant service numbers, within 3 days from the date the product was received and submit the original invoice. Telephones purchased at special offer, or as specific incentives, are not included in the price stability and protection system, and when the customer is entitled to the price stability protection system, the customer shall receive a voucher for the amount from the store which must be used within 30 days.

Conflict Resolution :

In the event of any conflicts, allegations or disputes arising or related to any transaction carried out on the website, or as a result of a violation, or implementation, or interpretation, or validity of the terms and conditions, or any part thereof (the dispute), the party at the receiving end of such a conflict must first try to settle it in good faith, by providing the other party with a written notification to one of the Action Jo stores or by e-mail ([email protected]) describing the facts and circumstances (including any relevant documents) related to the dispute, and giving the other party a 30-day deadline, during which it must respond to the notice, or handle the dispute.

Both you and Action Jo agree that these dispute resolution procedures are a prerequisite that must be applied before resorting to judicial procedures, or filing any lawsuit against the other party.

These terms and conditions, and the relationship between you and Action Jo, are subject to the laws of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The courts of central Amman (Qasr al-Adl) are the competent courts to look into any emerging dispute and / or conflicts.

These terms and conditions are issued in both Arabic and English, and in the event of any difference between the Arabic version and the English version, the Arabic version shall be applicable.

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time according to developments and urgent updates. It is your responsibility to be up-to-date with the most recent version of the terms and conditions.