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* What is meant by (service provider/website/company) is

The user acknowledges and undertakes to browse the site and/or use the services as stipulated in the terms, conditions and applicable legislation.

The services and products provided by the company consist of, but are not limited to, information, correspondence, images, sounds, and these contents are provided on the site and / or resulting from the use of the site.

The User acknowledges that he shall not in any case use the Website and/or the Services other than as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

The user acknowledges and undertakes that he will use the website, services and/or products for personal purposes. He also undertakes not to use the site and / or services and / or products for commercial purposes, unfair competition, and / or for unlawful purposes and / or in a way that violates security and / or public safety or in a way that violates the legislation in force, and / or harms the company, its partners, its agents, distributors, service providers, content providers, and/or any of its subscribers or customers.

Action confirms to maintain the confidentiality of customer information and data and not to use it for any scope of the business relationship and/or share it with any third party without the customer's consent or because of one of the cases permitted under the provisions of the legislation in force and the instructions of the Central Bank of Jordan.

The customer acknowledges and agrees that the website / service provider reserves the right at all times to amend the pricing policy, fees and commissions related to the website services, after notifying the customer of that and in the manner that the company deems appropriate, including but not limited to (the company's website, publications, newspapers, messages short text) and without giving reasons. The customer also acknowledges his commitment to those fees and commissions after their modification and agrees that if he uses the service/services after making any amendments or changes to the pricing policy, fees and commissions, he will accept and agree to them.

The customer shall bear any error that may arise from his purchase and/or deposit of any amount by mistake from his own e-wallet account and for the account of third parties, and acknowledges that the company/service provider is not responsible for any error and/or default and/or negligence on the part of the customer and the company will not be The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages and/or expenses and/or claim as a result.

The customer acknowledges and agrees that the company / service provider will not be responsible for any errors, damages and / or expenses that may be incurred as a result of any breach of these terms and conditions by him, and the customer is committed and undertakes to bear all compensations, claims and damages that may be exposed to the company / provider Service as a result of any breach by him of these terms and conditions.

The customer knows and agrees that his information (his name / account number / name of his service provider) will be shown for marketing purposes, follow-up and coordination, or for any reason. And without the need to obtain his approval for each movement or to notify the customer of that.

The site gives new subscribers a gift of cash deposited to their personal accounts on the site with a value of 5 dinars in the gift box. This amount is not refundable or withdrawn and is used for the bidding process on the site only.

The site does not provide wallet shipping service for those under 18 years old.

On the site there are offers that contain a cashback amount upon purchase; This amount is not withdrawn from the wallet or returned, and is used for the purposes of buying, bidding, and so on.

Make sure to charge the value of the delivery service for your province as shown via this link:

The order will be delivered within 72 hours from the time the purchase is completed.

We at develop protection systems periodically in order to protect users from any infringement of their privacy, and we do not guarantee any infringement that may occur despite this; Therefore, any person will infringe, manipulate, circumvent or disrupt the workflow of with a fake purchase order or any act that affects the special policies stipulated in the website or any illegal actions on the site in any way possible All his requests will be canceled and his data will be transferred to the competent authorities to legally prosecute him immediately and without expectation.

Registration policy

Sign up/register on

You may become a member at For the purposes of joining, registering and benefiting from the services and offers of, you must, as part of the registration process:


You indicate your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Provide your contact information and data.

Submit any kind of documentation as deems appropriate.

You agree to accept no liability for all activities that occur under your account or password.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and are responsible for placing restrictions on third party access to your account.

You may not use your account for fraudulent purposes, improper purposes or any other competitive purposes with the site. You must notify the Company directly via email ([email protected]) of any unauthorized use of your account on to be aware of it. The site reserves the right to refuse or cancel the registration of any person on this site, or remove any person from the site, or prevent any person from using the site for any reason, and may limit and / or terminate the ability of any person to use the site for any reason and / or limit and/or terminate your use of the Website at any time without notice. does not warrant or represent that your use of the content available on this site will not infringe the rights of third parties not affiliated with the site. The termination of your use of the site shall not be considered a waiver by of any right or any remedy enjoyed by it.


Usage policy and subscribers' obligations:

The site does not provide the purchase service for those under the age of 18

The user acknowledges and undertakes to browse the site and/or use the services as stipulated in the terms, conditions and applicable legislation.

The services and products provided consist