Powerology 4 in 1 Power Bank Station

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  • The amazing design of the Powerology 4 in 1 Power Bank Station Charger, you can take it with you when you go to travel, to work or for a picnic.
  • It consists of one power base with four power banks which can solve all your charging problems. Keeping all your devices charged for extended use.
  •  Each power bank can work separately and charge two other devices using a cord or one device wirelessly.
  • Multiport PowerStation The power dock has four USB-A ports. You can easily charge your phone, laptop, headset or other electronic belongings from the station. Built-in Lightning / Type-C Connectors The 4in1 Power Bank Power Station has a cable built into each station. This cable is a dual head which means it is permissible to charge two devices at the same time. Compatible with USB-C or Lightning, including iPhone 14 series. Our 4-in-1 power bank power station can charge a mobile phone from 0% to 60% in just 35 minutes. 15W wireless charging, fast charging feature. The battery capacity is about 4 x 10,000 mAh (40,000 mAh).
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