Momax ONEPLUG PD20W 2A1C 8 outlet strip

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  • "Fast Charge" Power Strip that everyone needs | 20W quick charge USB module with PD3.0

  • PD3.0 USB-C + QC3.0 USBA | 20W Fast charging capable 

  • Minimalistic design | Blends in home interior well 

  • Safe and reliable | Surge Protection, Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection

  • Trusted Quality | Fully certified, 94VO Flame Resistant Material

  • Small Home Appliance Friendly | Charge Gadget and SDA at once

  • Versatile Powerhouse | Supplying power to 11 devices at once

  • Momax Velcro tie (white) is included to hold the cables together 

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