Sony FX30 Digital Cinema Camera

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  • Custom zoom settings

Optimized for movie making, the FX3 features a zoom lever located on the top of the grip which not only controls compatible powered zoom lenses, but also allows Clear Image Zoom to be used with unpowered zoom and prime lenses with less image degradation.

  •  Real-time Eye AF

Real-time Eye AF to detect eye data and track the subject’s eye with unprecedented precision. The superior real-time data processing capability of the new BIONZ XR image processing engine ensures accurate, reliable detection even when faces are looking away at extreme angles.

  •  S-Cinetone for that expressive cinematic look

FX3 allows users to easily create a cinematic look without post-production using S-Cinetone picture profile. Inspired by the color science of Sony VENICE camera, S-Cinetone delivers natural mid-tones that are essential to cinematic expression.

  •  Uninterrupted 4K 60p recording

FX3 combines a fan for active cooling in addition to the unique camera-wide passive heat dissipation structure resulting in uninterrupted 4K 60p recording

  •  Fast Hybrid AF in all modes

The FX3 inherits AF performance from Sony’s FX9 and FX6 Cinema Line cameras, incorporating the highly acclaimed Fast Hybrid AF for movie shooting in all modes, including 4K 120p.

  •  Created for content creators

Every aspect of this camera, from hardware such as controls, tally lamp, custom buttons, and a vari-angle LCD monitor, to software-based features such as touch-responsive menus and parameters, have been designed to give creators what they need in real-world applications.

  •  Direct Iris, ISO and Shutter exposure control, optimized for video

The Flexible Exposure Mode allows the Auto and Manual modes for iris (aperture), shutter speed, and ISO to be set independently.

  •  High speed for slow motion

4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second delivers extraordinarily smooth slow-motion imagery. In addition to supporting 10-bit 4:2:2 recording, this feature can be used with efficient Long GOP compression or high-quality All-Intra compression.

  • 16-bit RAW output for movie

To answer the increasing demand for RAW recording, the FX3 is capable of 16-bit RAW output up to 4K 60p to an external device via full-size HDMI Type A, for applications that demand the highest quality and post-production flexibility provided by RAW output.

  • 10-bit 4:2:2 HLG

The FX3 provides HLG high-dynamic-range picture profile that supports the wide-gamut BT.2020 color space for true-to-life imagery with detailed shadows and highlights, with no need for color grading.

  •  12.1MP JPEG, RAW and HEIF still image options up to 10fps with AF/AE

Even though the FX3 is optimized for cinematography, it still has the capabilities to capture 12.1MP stills in JPEG, RAW and HEIF at up to 10fps with continuous autofocus and auto-exposure.

  •  Optimized for cinematic expression

The FX3 features a 10.2MP Full-frame Backside-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor that delivers sensitivity, speed and superior movie quality. The sensor delivers up to 15+ stops of dynamic range and drastically reduced noise for clean images.

  •  High-performance fast processing

The FX3 features the BIONZ XR system architecture, that makes it possible to deliver high sensitivity and natural gradations, low noise, as well as more precise AF plus the ability to process the large amounts of data required for 4K recording.

  •  Smallest Cinema Line camera for solo shooting

As the most compact model in the Cinema Line, the FX3 is not only the smallest and lightest. It weighs just 1.58 lbs. (715 g), including battery and memory cards, and the body is only 5.11” x 3.33” x 3.06” (129.7 x 84.5 x 77.8mm) WxHxD.

  • 10-bit 4:2:2 video reaches new levels of realism

The FX3 offer several recording options to meet the needs of different content creators, including; 10-bit 4:2:2 XAVC S and XAVC S-I formats in either 4K or FHD as well as 10-bit 4:2:2 XAVC HS, in 4K only.

  • Easy S-Log matching with professional camcorders

In many cinema workflows, the ability to match the color of footage from multiple cameras is essential. The FX3 includes S-Log2 and S-Log3 gamma curves, the latter emphasizing shadow to mid-tone gradations.

  •  Rec. tally lamps and rec. confirmation

Three recording lamps are provided so that both the operator and talent can easily confirm recording. The Rec. button on the top illuminates when recording is in progress as well as a front and back tally lamp of the camera.

  •  Dual card slots, both compatible with SD and CFexpress Type A

Two identical card slots make sure redundant recording or extended record times with additional media options. Both Slot 1 and Slot 2 media slots support UHS-I and UHS-II SDXC/SDHC cards

  •  Durable accessory mounting screw points

The FX3 is designed to eliminate the need for a camera cage, including six standard ¼”-20 UNC threaded mounting points to easily and securely attach compatible accessories such as external monitors, recorders, wireless microphones, or other add-ons.

  •  Digital XLR on top handle, MI shoe and 3.5mm jack audio options

The XLR module on the handle which includes a 3.5mm mic jack takes care of the A/D conversion and DSP and transfers up to 4 channels digital audio data directly to the camera for outstanding audio quality.

  •  FTP file transfer for stills and movies with ‘save and load’

The FX3 can transfer movie and still image files to a specified remote FTP server via wireless LAN, high-speed wired LAN via an optional USB to Ethernet adapter, or a USB-tethered smartphone connection to a cellular network.

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