Redmi Buds 4 Lite

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  • The Redmi Buds 4 have 12 mm dynamic drivers to convey your music perfectly, so you won't miss anything from your favorite album and experience the music as if you were at the recordings. These drivers provide deep bass and clear tones and make delay in sound a thing of the past.
  • Using bluetooth 5.3, the connection between your earphones and your phone is better and more stable than ever. This ensures that there is no lag in the connection and you hear exactly what you need to hear. This technology also uses less energy so you can enjoy your music even longer. During phone calls, the earphones enable AI Noise Cancellation. This means you'll always be heard clearly, whether you're standing in a busy shopping street or cycling against the wind.
  • With the smart technology of Google Fast Pair that Xiaomi uses, all you have to do is take the earphones out of the storage case and you can start listening right away, never having to wait for them to connect. The storage case has a magnetic lid. This way you can be sure they stay in their storage case and that they are charged for the next time.
  • The earphones can play music for five hours and if you store them in between, you can enjoy your favorite artist for up to twenty hours in total. The earphones weigh only 3.92 grams each, you don't even feel them in your ears and you can enjoy them without them falling out or hurting your ears. The earbuds can be controlled via your favorite music app. By touching the earbuds, you can also perform different actions and control your music.
  • The earphones are dust- and water-resistant and IP54-rated, so you don't have to worry about damaging them during your workout. Should you ever put the earbuds down somewhere and can't find them again, grabbing your phone will show you exactly where you left them. For the first time in the series, the Redmi Buds 4 Lite feature a stemmed design to help them stay in your ear better.
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