Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain

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  • The Xiaomi Smart Pet Water Fountain is equipped with a circular liquid water fountain that provides you with a clean and reliable source of water for small animals.
  • This smart pet fountain mimics a mountain stream and uses a circular water flow to deliver flowing water full of oxygen, which suits the nature of pets and increases their interest in drinking water.
  • With effective four-stage deep filtration, fine particles, hair residue and chlorine including calcium and magnesium ions that cause kidney stones are effectively intercepted and filtered, providing healthy and delicious water that your pets love to drink.
  • The height of the fountain has been tested several times to avoid splashing sounds while attracting the pet.
  • Lights on the front provide intuitive and easy-to-understand indicators, and the transparent window allows real-time water level monitoring.
  • When the water is low, the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app and the red water level indicator on the fountain remind you to add water.

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