Green Lion iPad 10.2" Screen Protector

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  • Privacy filter - Toughened glass with a Privacy filter is not only protection of the device against damage. The special structure of the material also significantly reduces the viewing angle. As a result, when viewing photos or private messages in the company of friends, you do not risk that an unauthorized person will see them.
  • Double reinforcement - Thanks to the double-hardening process, the shield is 45% stronger than standard glass.
  • Damaged - still safe - The glass is shatter-free (so-called safety glass). Even in the event of a breakage, it will not break into dozens of sharp pieces.
  • Comfort of use without changes - The cover does not interfere with the use of the touch screen, face recognition, and does not spoil the quality of photos.
  • No more dirt - The glass has been covered with an oleophobic coating, which improves its resistance to greasy marks or fingerprints.
  • Durability 9H - The accessory boasts a hardness of 9H on the Mohs scale, which gives it a high resistance to scratching.
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