Green Lion Mini Fridge 6L 18W

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  • The Green Lion Mini 6 Fridge is your new best buddy for staying cool on the move which is available in pure white.
  • This compact 6-liter container holds just the right amount of food, beverages, skincare products to keep them refreshing and accessible wherever you are.
  • It runs silently to ensure calmness and is dust-proof to keep everything you own hygienic and fresh.
  • The efficient cooling system, portable adapter, and environmentally friendly, non-freon engineering let you enjoy sweetly chilled meals anywhere.
  • Additionally, it is the ultimate level of mobility and comfort thanks to its convenient handle for simple carrying, four solid legs for safe placing and its light weight.
  • There are numerous uses for it, including taking it to work, using it in college dorms, a companion on road trips and camping.
  • Get your Green Lion Mini 6 Fridge right away and experience the cool pleasure and say goodbye to heated beverages and melting munchies! 

  • Features:- 
  • Volume: 6 LTR
  • Low Noise
  • Dust-Proof
  • Cooling
  • Portable Adaptor
  • Non-Freon
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