Auction policy


The website includes public auction service:

 which involves offering products on the website during a specific time period, and then selling it to the user/member who offers the highest amount during this period, The auction service from is a leading service in the online sale and purchase of mobile phones in the local market, and this service has its own terms, policies and provisions that all subscribers must review and knowledge prior to use.


The website "" fully disclaims any wrongdoing due to lack of access to these terms:


  • All participant information and details are registered prior to the bidding process.
  • (Required information: Personal data such as name, email, mobile number, and electronic payment information such as payment cards or e-wallet, etc).
  •   The subscriber is accountable for all the provided information.
  • Bid payments are deducted directly from your e-wallet account.
  •  The value of the auction payments is determined by
  •  In case you are not the winner, the deposited amount will be refunded within 48 hours after the end of the auction.
  • The deposited amount is refunded within 48 hours in your electronic wallet.
  • the website "" provides all new subscribers with a cash gift deposited to their personal accounts on the website, valued of 5 Jordanian Dinars. This amount is not refundable nor can be deposited in your e-wallet in case you did not win the auction.
  • If you win the auction, kindly contact us to receive the device you are bidding on within a period not exceeding 5 days so that the auction is not considered null and the device is offered in another auction.
  • If you win the auction, "" has the right to take an archive photo and use it in its ads on social media.

  • If you win the auction, the amount you bid will be deducted from the original value of the device. (For instance, if you won the auction after your bid 10 Jordanian Dinars, and the actual value of the device is 100 Jordanian Dinars; in this case the 10 Jordanian Dinars will be deducted from the actual value of the device, so that the price for you will be 90 Jordanian Dinars).

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time according to developments and urgent updates. It is your responsibility to be up-to-date with the most recent version of the terms and conditions.